Funasaka symphony

Funasaka symphony with Torsten P Brush


△▼ Funasaka Symphony:船坂交響曲によせて △▼ 
日本では古来より「自然のものにはすべて神が宿っている」という八百万の神を唱える考えがあ る。山の神様、田んぼの神様、水の神様、、、四季によって変化していく事象に対し、時には美を、 時には恐怖を覚える、自然に存在するものへの畏怖や崇拝がこの言葉に反映されているのだろう。
景、そして音がちりばめられている。私達は小さな神様となっ て彼の世界と融合し、一緒に船坂の交響曲を奏でたいと思う。

身体の中に脈々と流れる血液のように 大地を這う水を探し求
一つの種がやがては森となり、水を呼び生 命を育んで行く源になる事を祈って。

△▼ Preface to the Funasaka Symphony △▼ 
Have advocated the idea of [Yaoyorozu no kami] from ancient times "a thing of nature that God dwells" all that is in Japan. For events like the mountain god, the god of rice fields, the god of water, will vary with the seasons, worship and awe to those remember the horror at times, naturally occurring,beauty sometimes is reflected in this word would have.Sound is studded scenery and a variety of works Funasaka at Torsten's work.I think we will be fused with his world become a little god, and want to play a symphony of Funasaka together.We plant a tree in their own hands, and looking for a water crawl the earth like blood flowing in the body.One species is the forest will eventually, I hope to become a source of life calls for the waters we nurtured.

UMLAUT Yuko Takano


video installation: Torsten P Bruch 
choreography: Yuko Takano 
dance: Miho Amou / Erica Toriyama 
staff: Saki Tanaka / Yukiko Inoue 
photo: Hiroto Takahashi
premier: 18.Nov.2012 at Funasaka 
special thanks to Funasaka Biennale